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JudiCakes Product Reviews

“Amazing cakes that are a huge hit every time I serve them.  Perfect for any occasion!” ~Emily, Roswell, GA


“Best store bought ‘home-baked/homemade cake I’ve ever eaten.  Taste’s as good as my mother has baked.”  ~Harvey,  Blairsville, GA


“One of the bright spots of the year is when Judy celebrates by sharing one of her cakes with me and my family.  They are exquisite in every way!” ~Jacque,  Canton, GA


“Best *&#%! cake I’ve ever eaten!” ~Ken, Prescott, AZ


“I brought a JudiCake to Thanksgiving dinner; and we all agreed to eat dessert FIRST next year!”  ~Pam, Marietta, GA


“Seven months after my first bite of JudiCake,  and I can still taste the savory flavor!  Can’t say that about any other cake I’ve ever had.”  ~Evan C., Austin, TX


“I will never forget the first time I was served a piece of JudiCakes…I couldn’t wait until I could have the whole cake…not just a slice!  That day has come and gone, and now I can buy an entire cake ‘at will’”….~Bo, Atlanta, GA


“My mom is baking cakes in Heaven now…but eating JudiCakes takes me right back into the kitchen with my mom!  The Best (since Mom)    ~Tim,  Columbus, GA


“Talk about YUMMY CAKES! I love JudiCakes.  They are moist and delicious.  They remind me of the cakes my grandmother used to bake.  Cooked with love.  If you haven’t tried one yet, do yourself a favor and buy one today.  You won’t be disappointed.”  ~Lisa,  Houston, TX


“It’s like eating a bit of love that comes from the heart.”  ~Reba,  Decatur, GA


“….I was blown away!  If incredible taste could be measured as an act of kindness, undoubtedly eating one bite of Judy’s wonderful ‘JudiCake’ would instantly bring about world peace.  They are truly a wonderful slice of edible goodness.”   ~Brandon,  Marietta, GA


“JudiCakes are moist and dense with a buttery richness. They remind me of the delicious, homemade goodies that came out of my mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens.  I am thrilled to be able to have them whenever I want, and to be able to share the pleasure with special friends.” ~ Rita,  Norfolk, VA


“Best poundcake I have ever eaten…by far!  Fantastic!  Also unbelievably good warmed in a toaster oven for breakfast!”  Martha,  Atlanta GA


“JudiCakes are simply delicious. Just can't decide which flavor is my favorite. I like to keep an extra in the freezer. Wrapped slices or a whole cake freeze beautifully.”   ~Sheryl, Sandy Springs, GA